What Sushi Can You Have When Salmon Pregnant?

But, before you grab for that salmon roll, make sure it’s well cooked since you and your baby need to be protected against both mercury and listeria. Cooked rolls that have been cooked to a temperature of 145°F are safe to consume while pregnant if they are made with low-mercury fish.

Is it safe to have salmon during pregnancy?

Anisakis, a kind of parasitic worm, can be found in several fish, including salmon, on rare occasions. The worm is normally destroyed when the fish is cooked. Eat raw or undercooked fish that may contain these worms and you may develop health problems that affect anybody, not just pregnant women, if you do so.

Which fish should you not eat when pregnant?

Swordfish is one of the fish that pregnant women should avoid eating due of the high amounts of mercury in it. Mackerel, two of them. 3rd shark is a tiger shark. 4 Tilefish to be exact.

Is it safe to eat sushi?

The following types of fish should not be consumed by pregnant women due to high mercury levels: 1 Swordfish Mackerel, two of them The third shark is a great white shark. 4 Tilefish have been caught thus far.

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