Often asked: How Much Does Trappers Sushi Cost?

All you can eat. Awesome place if you like sushi. Sit at sushi bar, and for lunch all you can eat is $18.95, dinner $28.95.

Is Trapper’s all you can eat open?

Lunch AYCE is 11am-3pm and dinner AYCE is 11am-8:30pm. We have AYCE dinner on Tuesdays all day, and AYCE Lunch all day on Thursdays. To be served, you must be seated by at the sushi bar.

Where did Trapper’s sushi start?

In 2004, Sushi Town opened in Bonney Lake. It wasn’t very long before Trapper noticed customers were visiting from throughout Washington, and began to look for opportunities to expand. Trapper’s Sushi in Covington, our second location, was quickly followed by stores in Puyallup and Bremerton.

How much is all you can eat at Trapper’s Sushi?

Sit at sushi bar, and for lunch all you can eat is $18.95, dinner $28.95.

Do they still make Trapper Keepers?

Today’s Trapper Keeper still packs that velcro punch, in addition to one-inch metal binder rings, a metal clip, inside storage pocket and folders. Snag one now before school is back in session! You can find the new Trapper Keeper at Mead.com, Walmart stores or for $10.

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Who owns Trapper sushi?

I have been in business for over 16 years and have grown to 11 Trapper’s Sushi locations and another burger concept. I have always thought that AZ would be a great place to expand and create opportunities for employees,” said Trapper O’Keeffe, CEO/Founder.

Is Trappers a franchise?

As a franchisee, we’re not just offering you your own business, we’re asking you to conduct your work life as we do – within the culture we’ve developed over the years. Our culture resonates with our guests, our employees and our communities. We’ve captured this culture in an acronym we call TRAPCHK or “Trap Check”.

Who is the owner of Trappers?

— Aaron Wood, owner of Trappers II Pizza & Pub in Minoa and past president of the Eastwood Neighborhood Association, died Friday after a battle with cancer.

What does the word trappers mean?

noun. a person or thing that traps. a person whose business is the trapping of animals for their furs.

What does being a trapper mean?

A trapper is a person who hunts animals using snares or traps. When Europeans first colonized North America, trappers often traded animal furs and skins with Native people.

What is Warrior sauce?

13.50. tempura shrimp, cucumber & spicy sauce covered with tuna, special sauce, black tobiko & green onion.

Why do teachers hate Trapper Keepers?

These devices can feasibly organize millions more things than a Trapper Keeper ever could. And just like the Trapper Keeper, schools and teachers love banning these things, because they think students will get distracted.

Why did teachers hate Trapper Keepers?

Why Trapper Keepers Drive Teachers &!&@*! But there was just one problem: They frustrated teachers for a wide variety of reasons. Among the problems? Their size, the fact that the organizers once used velcro, and the fact that there were multiplication tables inside of them.

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How much did Trapper Keepers cost in the 80s?

The Trappers had a suggested retail price of 29 cents each, while the Trapper Keepers had a suggested retail price of $4.85.

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