How Many Calories Are In A Crunchy Sushi Roll?

What is the calorie count for a Super Crunch roll?

Calories 520 (2176 kJ)
Dietary Fiber 3 g 12%
Sugars 16 g
Protein 17 g
Calcium 100 mg

Nutrition Facts

Calories 520 (2176 kJ)
Sodium 1480 mg 62%
Total Carbohydrate 61 g 20%
Dietary Fiber 3 g 12%
Sugars 16 g

How many calories are in a sushi roll?

When it comes to low-calorie sushi rolls, how many calories are there?(Calories in a single roll): Maki (Cucumber Roll) = 136 points; Avocado roll = 140 points; Veggie roll (with fresh veggies harvested from the garden) = 170 points; Tuna Roll = 184 points (high on protein) 231 calories in a salmon cucumber roll (high in omega-3 fat) Mackerel roll is equal to 232.(great alternative option instead of tuna which can be high on mercury)

What is a crunchy sushi roll?

Remember the term ″tempura″: the word tempura in Japanese literally translates as ″deep-fried.″ Deep-fried foods include a lot of calories! Identical to ″crunchy″ in that the crunchy texture is often achieved via deep-frying objects or frying batter. Make sure to watch out for the sauce = a lot of sushi rolls are drizzled with sauces that might be high in calories.

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Can you eat sushi rolls on a diet?

Well… Yes and no are the correct answers. Everything relies on how much you know about the calories in a sushi roll and how to consume sushi without feeling bad. You can get all of the information you need regarding the calories in sushi rolls in this page. How to order sushi rolls when on a diet and what low-calorie sushi alternatives are available.

Which sushi has the most calories?

The Shrimp Tempura Roll has the highest calorie count because the shrimp is breaded and deep-fried, imparting a crisp and delicious taste to the shrimp.It has 508 calories, 21 grams of fat, 64 grams of carbs, and 20 grams of protein per serving.Despite the fact that this sushi has the maximum number of calories, it is requested by individuals who are the most courageous and fearless sushi enthusiasts.

Is sushi crunchy roll healthy?

When eating sushi, there are a few terms to keep an eye out for if you want to avoid consuming a calorie bomb: * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * Crunchy refers to batter bits that have been cooked. Anything that is ″crunchy″ will dramatically increase the fat and calorie content of the roll, with no advantage to the health of the roll’s consumer.

How many calories is 1 roll of sushi?

Information on the Calories and Nutrition of Sushi

roll name caloriesper roll carbsgrams per roll
Basic Sushi Rolls (estimated per entire roll, not each piece)1
Avocado Roll 140 28
California Roll 255 38
Kappa Maki (cucumber roll) 136 30

How many calories are in a California crunchy roll?

The FujiSan California Crunch Roll 10 pc has 230.0 calories per serving size.

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How many calories is a 12 piece sushi roll?

Sushi has 446 calories per serving (12 pieces).

Is sushi good for losing weight?

Sushi is typically viewed as a weight-loss-friendly meal. Yet, many varieties of sushi are cooked with high-fat sauces and fried tempura batter, which greatly boosts their calorie content. Additionally, a single piece of sushi often includes extremely modest amounts of fish or vegetables.

Does sushi make you fat?

Sushi. A sushi meal consisting of two shrimp tempura rolls (equivalent to 12 pieces of sushi) soon adds up to more than 1,000 calories and 42 grams of fat to your daily caloric intake, despite its seeming innocence. When you consider that one pound of fat contains 3,500 calories, eating sushi on a daily basis might easily result in weight gain.

How many calories is 3 pieces of Sushi?

The calories in three pieces of Sushi are 112 calories.

How many calories is 100 pieces of Sushi?

Sushi with Vegetables has 3770 calories per 100 pieces (100 pieces = 100 pieces). Other frequent serving sizes are as follows:

Serving Size Calories
100 g 145
1 cup 241

How many calories are in 16 pieces of Sushi?

Sushi has 595 calories per serving of 16 pieces. * The percent Daily Value (DV) of a nutrient in a portion of food indicates how much that nutrient contributes to a person’s daily diet.

How many calories are in an 8 piece California roll?

The calories in eight California Rolls total 262 calories.

Is california crunch roll healthy?

It’s frequently served like a California roll with all of the fish on top. With all of the fish and avocado in it, it’s a high-protein dish that’s also high in fat, but it’s healthy fat. Nonetheless, consume them in moderation.

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How many calories are in a crunchy crab sushi roll?

AFC Franchise Corp

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 5 ounces (142g)
How many calories are in Crunchy Roll Imitation Crab? Amount of calories in Crunchy Roll Imitation Crab: Calories 330 Calories from Fat 153 (46.4%)
% Daily Value *

How many calories is 10 pieces of sushi?

Sushi has 372 calories per serving (10 pieces).

How many calories are in a 6 piece California roll?

Sushi – California Roll (6 Pieces) – Sushi Restaurant Sansai Japanese Grill

Nutrition Facts
For a Serving Size of 6 pieces (156g)
How many calories are in California Roll (6 pieces)? Amount of calories in California Roll (6 pieces): Calories 170 Calories from Fat 72 (42.4%)
% Daily Value *

How many calories are in a 10 piece California roll?

A serving of 10 California Rolls contains 328 calories.

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