Where Is Sushi Yokai?

Sushinyan may be discovered in the Ambrosia Pavilion, where he can then befriended via the standard manner of befriending characters. It is possible to acquire Sushinyan by scanning this QR Code. When the player scans it at the bank, he or she will receive a Sushi Pillow. After then, he may be seen in the Ambrosia Pavilion.

Where is catfish pond Yokai Watch?

The next stage is to travel to Mount Wildwood, where there is a catfish pond. Bear will be on the lookout for the engagement ring in the pond. Speak with him to arrange for Walkappa to search for the ring in the pond. After a while, a boss Yo-kai will appear and challenge you to a fight.

Where do you get sushi in yo-Kai watch?


Food How to Get Effect
Cucumber Roll Buy from Sushi Springdale in Shopper’s Row Restores 30 HP
Shrimp Sushi Buy from Sushi Springdale in Shopper’s Row Restores 70 HP
Salmon Sushi Buy from Sushi Springdale in Shopper’s Row Restores 105 HP
Fatty Tuna Sushi Buy from Sushi Springdale in Shopper’s Row Restores 170 HP
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Is Yokai Watch based on real yokai?

Appearance. Yo-kai are reported to arrive in a variety of different shapes and sizes, according to legend. In fact, many of them are inspired by real-life yokai and other legendary beings from traditional mythology, while others are based on Japanese slang, puns, and other sources of inspiration that are generally tied to an inspirit.

What is Yokai food?

A food item (Japanese:, Tabemono) is a sort of object found in the Yo-kai Watch series of video games. They may be used to restore the health of a player’s Yo-kai companion, while beverages refill their Soultimate Gauge. They can also be used to persuade opposing Yo-kai to join the player’s side, as well as to complete specific requests and favors.

How do you fish in yo-Kai watch?

A fishing rod must first be obtained someplace in the game before you can begin fishing. Then, with the Yo-kai Watch Lens focused on a fish, press A or tap the touch screen to activate the Yo-kai Watch. An indication will be spun around the lens as a result of this. To capture the fish, you must land on one of the yellow bars surrounding the lens.

How do you catch the big fish in yo-Kai Watch 3?

Yo-kai Watch 3 is the third installment in the Yo-kai Watch series.It is possible to find Big Fish in the Seaside Cave, which is accessible after updating to version 3.0, and in the remainder of San Fantastico as well.He may be fought once a day until he becomes amenable to traditional methods of defeating him.Big Fish can only be found in the Sushi version of the Japanese edition of the game.

Where is the Sun Pavilion in Yokai Watch?

On Springdale Flower Road, there is a Chinese restaurant called Sun Pavilion.

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Where is the Chinese food in Yokai Watch 2?

Yo-kai Watch features a variety of different foods, including Chinese cuisine. It can be purchased at Sun Pavilion, which is directly across the street from North Wind Ramen.

Where can I find candy in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Candy. Where to get them: The Candy Stop in Blossom Heights is where you can get the first four things on your list. Shaved ice and candy apples are available for purchase at kiosks throughout Mt.

Was Yo-kai Watch Cancelled?

Interest in the Yo-kai Watch franchise, on the other hand, has slowly waned, and Hasbro’s Yo-kai Watch toy line was terminated in the United States in 2017, and in Europe and Latin America the following year.

How old is Katie from Yo-kai Watch?

Katie Forester
Japanese name 文香児玉
Age 11
Residence Spingdale
Occupationss Springdale Student

How many Yo-kai exist?

How many yokai are there in the world? Although the series was dubbed the Gazu Hyakki Yagyo series, which literally translates as Illustrated Night Parade of a Hundred Spirits, in this context, one hundred just implies many! These three publications contain illustrations of more than two hundred of these Japanese devils, each with a brief description and discussion on the subject.

What counts as Chinese food in Yokai Watch?

Chinese Food

Name On Friend On Foe
Pot Stickers Recovers some HP. Yo-kai will like you a bit.
Liver & Chives Recovers a chunk of HP. Yo-kai will like you some.
Crab Omelet Recovers a lot of HP. Yo-kai will like you a lot.
Chili Shrimp Recovers a ton of HP. Yo-kai will like you a ton.
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What food does Komiger like?


Name Tribe Fav. Food
Komiger Charming Milks

What are sweets in yo-Kai Watch 2?

Sweets are a form of food in Yo-kai Watch 2, and they are available to purchase. One widespread mistake about them is that they are the same thing as candy, which is just not true. They aren’t, in fact. Despite the fact that they are well disguised inside the game.

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