Tofurky Roast Review

Thanksgiving might be over in Canada, but to all my American friends I thought I would act like a lab rat and test out the Tofurky for you!

This past October was my very first Thanksgiving as a vegan. This was actually a big concern for me when I first became vegan, and also one of the reasons I held back before making a full commitment to this lifestyle. As a vegan, social gatherings can be tough because the last thing you want to do is feel like a burden on someone. As the only non meat eater in my family, I questioned what I was going to eat for this turkey-centric holiday. My mom was happy to make me my own stuffing, mash potatoes, and skipped on the bacon when it came to the brussel sprouts, but what on earth was going to replace turkey? After doing my research my best options were either to make my own seitan (which I really want to try), or buy myself the oh so vegan Tofurky roast. Due to the lack of time I had, I opted for the Tofurky and was looking forward to seeing if it was any better than a turkey.

I’ve tried other products from the Tofurky brand prior to this, and so I felt good about buying their roast instead of other brands. I gave my mom the mission of buying the Tofurky, and according to her there were a lot of flavours to choose from! I got the one that came in the red box, but take a look in your grocery store or health food store and see what they have. I like the fact that they tried to make it as authentic as possible by including stuffing the the roast, so if you’re not willing to make your own this is perfect for you!

To cook the Tofurky it’s quite simple. It has all the directions on the packaging but I’ll quickly walk you through it. 24 hours before cooking, you need to let it sit in the fridge. Since it’s frozen, you need to let that puppy defrost just like you would a turkey. Before putting it right into the oven you need to add a basting liquid to add some extra flavour and give the roast a nice shine. We used olive oil, soy sauce, and vegetable stock, but I suggest you get creative. After doing some research online, I saw that people add orange juice, mustard, red wine, jam, all sorts of basting liquids! If I could go back I would definitely add some of my own spice to the roast and maybe replace the soy sauce with wine instead.

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After around 2 hours of cooking, it was time to serve. I made my own mushroom gravy to go with the Tofurky but they do sell gravy to go with the roast if you’re feeling lazy. With my plate piled high, I dived right into the roast. Right off the bat the texture was great. It was meaty and moist which I really liked. The “meat” pulls apart like regular turkey and has the same kind of stringy-ness. The taste reminded me of other Tofurky products I’ve had in the past. It had a similar taste to the sausages I’ve had from them before, which isn’t a bad thing. Did it taste like a turkey? No, but this is a great substitute for vegans and vegetarians. As I said before, getting creative with what you add to your baste can really elevate the flavour. The stuffing was also a nice addition there was a lot of wild rice in there and it wasn’t dry at all. I can’t stress this enough, but the cranberry sauce is necessary. Since I used a baste that had soy sauce, it came out slightly salty. The cranberry sauce cut right through the salty taste and brightened up the entire dish. The only things I didn’t care for was the skin of the roast. I found it slightly tough so I went ahead and shaved the outer layer off.

What I liked most about the Tofurky is how easy it was to make. It took the same amount of time as the turkey took to cook and it wasn’t a hassle to put it together. I didn’t feel left out of Thanksgiving dinner like I thought I would. Don’t sacrifice eating bland and boring food this holiday season, get yourself a Tofurky and get creative! I would love to know what you ate this Thanksgiving or what you’re planning of making! As always, make sure to follow me on my social media platforms, and check out my YouTube channel for a new video! See you next week!

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