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The Best Ice Cream in Seattle

Hi everyone, it’s been a while since I’ve made a post! With my internship in Seattle coming to an end, I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about about what I’ll miss the most about the city. This summer I got to meet some really great people both in and outside of work. I’ve gotten to explore the beautiful sites Washington has to offer from Mount Rainier to the shores of Golden Garden Park. But when it comes to the things that will really cause me heartache, I can’t help but tear up over all the amazing vegan food this city has to offer (happy tears of course). In 3 months I have tried everything from huge bowls of warm and comforting pho, the most decadent brunch at Wayward Vegan, and sinfully spicy pizza at Sizzle Pie. However, I always find myself at Frankie & Jo’s the greatest ice cream of all time.

I am dedicating this post to this legendary ice cream shop located in the streets of Capitol Hill, because I truly believe that this is the best ice cream in the entire world. Frankie & Jo’s is a 100% vegan and gluten free ice cream shop, using only the most natural ingredients to make their unique flavours. Most of their ice cream is made with a cashew and coconut base, which is why the texture is extremely creamy and never icy (I think we can all agree that icy ice cream is the worst). What really makes this place special is the fact that every month they release seasonal flavours apart from their standard menu (which is also amazing), but I love it when a place can experiment and create some crazy flavour combinations.

Tomato Melon Mint

This past July, Frankie & Jo’s released one of the strangest sorbets I’ve ever come across, a Tomato Melon Mint sorbet. I am all for trying something different, so I got myself a scoop of it in their signature waffle cone. I am not a fan of sorbet, but if all sorbet tasted this way then I would be eating this stuff every day. It doesn’t taste like tomato at all, but using heirloom tomatoes gives it it’s vibrant coral colour, and with a subtle taste of watermelon and pieces of fresh mint bursting with every bite or lick, this is why I give this a 10/10. Everyone seemed a bit skeptical about trying this flavour but they changed their tune once it hit their lips. Sadly, July is over and the Tomato Melon Mint is no more, but don’t fret, every month they never fail to amaze me with their seasonal menu, and you can never go wrong with their permanent ice creams. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for the latest news on their monthly flavours.

Currently Frankie & Jo’s just released a new flavour this month called Eclipse, a coconut a cashew base mixed with chunks of sunflower butter cups coated in chocolate. Being the fan that I am, I headed there right after work on the day of its release to try it for myself. The nuggets of homemade sunflower butter is what really makes this a special treat. There are also two new August flavours that have been added to the menu this month, a Blackberry JalapeƱo and a Corn Basil Chili. You have the entire month of August to get your hands on a scoop or pint of this stuff, so act fast!

Chocolate Tahini

I love that Frankie & Jo’s takes classic flavours like strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate and finds a way to elevate them. Recently I got myself the Chocolate Tahini ice cream and was surprised to realize how well the two pair together. Tahini for those of you that don’t know, is a Middle Eastern sauce made from ground up sesame seeds. The nutty, salty tahini and rich chocolate work well together, think of it as a fancy version of a chocolate peanut butter ice cream. This is a great flavour to try if you’re hesitant about trying one of their “out there” flavours, but still want something that’s unique.

This blog post might be titled “The Best Ice Cream in Seattle”, but I truly believe this is the best ice cream in the world. The quality of the ice cream here is like no other. Be prepared to wait in line at Frankie & Jo’s, I think more people are discovering this gem. I want to thank Frankie & Jo’s for making my time here even sweeter and for becoming my second home here in Seattle (literally). Talk to you guys soon in a future blog post and be sure to follow me on my social media accounts!

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