My Current Favourite Podcasts

Hi everyone, this week I thought I would take a break from writing about food and share my current favourite podcasts with you. In the past few months, podcasts have become a daily ritual for me. Whether I’m at work, walking to class, or driving for a long period of time, listening to one is a great way to learn about a unique topic in 1 hour or less. There are 5 podcasts that I have really been enjoying lately some focused on food but a couple “wild cards” thrown in.

Burnt Toast by Food52/Panoply

Burnt Toast was one of the first podcasts I listened to. My sister, Alison, had mentioned the name a few times, and so while at my desk at work last summer, I thought I would check it out. Burnt Toast is my favourite “foodie” podcasts as it dives into a variety of unique and interesting topics revolving around food. If you love food and love to talk about it, Food52 has done an excellent job of creating a series of episodes where like minded gastronomes can come together and talk about all things food. As I mentioned, Burnt Toast dives into a variety of unusual topics, but it sparks the kind of conversations that really make you think. An episode that comes to mind is where host Kenzi Wilbur asks interviewees what are their favourite meals to cook when they don’t feel like cooking. Special guests are also joined every so often such as David Gleb, the director of Chef’s Table, Nigella Lawson, a goddess, and Michael Pollan, the author of the Omnivore’s Dilemma. In my opinion, this is the ultimate foodie podcast (I hate the word “foodie” but that’s all that comes to mind) and I can’t wait for a third season!

My favourite episodes are That Vegan Life: Free to Be Me and You CashewsAnd the James Beard Award Goes To…, and Simply Nigella Lawson (I love the sound of Nigella’s voice). You can find the podcast on the Food52 website or on Apple Music.

Photo: Courtesy of Food52, photo by James Ransom

Why We Eat What We Eat by Blue Apron/Gimlet Creative

A fairly new podcast series but still a goodie, Why We Eat What We Eat looks into the eating habits that society has adapted over the years and what factors have affected our food choices. Have you ever wondered how kale became such a big food trend? I didn’t and nor did I care, but then host Cathy Erway in 22 minutes did the impossible and opened my eyes to the controversy and drama kale has created in the world. Only being launched this past October, this podcast has done an excellent job in mixing humour with fact and covering topics that seem strange and random, but turn out to be quite the opposite. My favourite episode and the first one I ever listened to is The Climate Change Diet. It gives a slight kudos to vegans without them actually saying it, but it’s both interesting and scary to hear about the kinds of food we might start eating in the next couple of decades given our current climate. If it doesn’t make you a believer in global warming, then…get out. They’re short episodes so if you’re looking to learn about an interesting topic before you get to your friend’s dinner party, you might like this one.

How I Built This with Guy Raz by NPR

My sister literally would not stop talking about this goddamn podcast, literally every time she talked to me, she found a way to talk about How I Built This. “Jackie, did you know how Ben & Jerry’s came to be?” or “I love the way Guy Raz sounds”, so I finally gave in. For those of you who are big on those underdog stories or you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, this is a great series to listen to. Host Guy Raz sits down and talks with the CEO’s and entrepreneurs of our favourite companies and discovers the stories about how they came to be. This is the kind of podcast that gets me excited about the future and motivates me to start my own business one day. Some stories will really surprise you, hearing about the success and failures of famous entrepreneurs like Steve Ells from Chipotle, Tom Chappell founder of Tom’s of Maine, and John Mackey from Whole Foods Market are just a few.

My favourite episodes are Clif Bar: Gary EricksonBumble: Whitney Wolfe (don’t care for the actual app, but her story is amazing), and Airbnb: Joe Gebbia.

Photo: How I Built This Logo

Hidden Brain by NPR

After being recommended by a friend, I thought I would give a listen to Hidden Brain. It’s a great series to listen to if you’re looking to learn something new about society and the world at large in every episode. Host Shankar Vedantam uses science and storytelling to uncover the reasons on why we behave the way we do, what factors influence the decisions we make, and how they affect our relationships. I like that each episode gives me the answers to the questions that I myself haven’t ever asked before. Like gender, where do our opinions and ideas about gender come from? Why are men and women the way they are? Industry experts are brought on each episode to unpack these big questions, and Vedantam does an excellent job in giving us the information we need to create our own opinions without being bias himself.

My favourite episodes are The Edge of GenderJust Sex, and Money Talks.

Atlanta Monster by HowStuffWorks/Tenderfoot TV

So we began this post by talking about food, so naturally now it only makes sense to finish this off with a murder podcast! For anyone out there who loves Stranger Things, Making a Murderer or NBC DatelineAtlanta Monster was made or you. I hate scary movies, but for some reason murder mysteries are one of my favourite genres when it comes to TV, books, and now podcasts! This series takes a look at The Atlanta Child Murders that took place during the 80’s where almost 30 kids were found dead. To this date the mystery has not been completely solved, but each week host Payne Lindsey uncovers new information to answer our unsolved questions. I don’t want to give away any spoilers, but all I can say is this podcast is going to blow your mind. Each episode is roughly an hour long, but I get so caught up in every episode I easily find myself binging multiple episodes at a time. Warning: If you are scared easily, please don’t listen to it at night, as it might keep you up 👻

Photo: Courtesy of Tenderfoot TV and HowStuffWorks

So there you have it, my favourite podcasts that I’ve been obsessing over lately. I think it’s nice to take a break from our screens and just listen to something new. As much as I love Netflix, it’s been refreshing to occupy my time with something different and I’ve learned some cool information since I’ve started listening to podcasts. There’s a series out there for anyone and I’d love to learn about what podcasts you’ve been listening to lately! Feel free to reach out to me on my social media platforms (linked in the sidebar), I’m always looking for suggestions! See you soon in a new blog post!

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