Hi, I’m Jackie, the girl behind The Jackfruit Vegan.

Like most foodies, I spent most of my childhood in the kitchen. To me food has always been more than just something we eat, because it is the centre of so many great memories I have had with friends and family. However, food has played an even larger role in my life ever since I decided to go vegan.

As a YouTuber I spent a lot of my time on the internet watching vegan cooking videos even before I went vegan. There was something so interesting about cooking amazing food without using any animal products. As the curious person I am, I decided to start eating plant based on a part time basis. My body seemed to really like whatever I was eating and so one day I made the decision to pursue this lifestyle full time.

I started this lifestyle originally just for health reasons, but as I continued to educate myself on the impact veganism has on the environment I have made it a goal of mine to help the planet by raising awareness. Veganism has changed the way I look at the world and has made me connect with the food I eat. This lifestyle has not only helped me overcome health issues, but I have become more of a positive person.

I don’t want this blog to be just for vegans, because I want everyone to enjoy the recipes and posts I make. My goal is to educate you and show you the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, and how you can incorporate more of a plant based diet into your life. Eating well doesn’t mean eating just bowls of salads and fruits (although delicious), but you can indulge yourself with easy mouth-watering meals.

I hope this blog brings some joy and brightness into your life like it has done for me.