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2017 Wrap-Up

What a year it has been. 2017 was filled with travel, tons of good food, new friendships, and some tears (both happy and sad) along the way. At the end of each year I like to reflect on what went down and the goals I want to set myself for the year ahead. I think it’s important to take some time to just think back to the events that took place these last 12 months, and it’ll surprise you how fast everything happens. I have so much love for 2017 and the experiences and opportunities I have had, and I would like to look back at a few of the milestones and what I have learned along the way.

Ending off my trip in Singapore by spending one night in Marina Bay Sands Hotel

The New Year started off with a bang by flying to Singapore, where I would study there for 4 months. As some of you know, I am currently in my last year of university and as a student it has always been a dream of mine to study abroad. When picking out where I would travel to (this was all the way back in 2015) I never imagined I would have the guts to go through with living on the other side of the world. It really hadn’t hit me until my plane took off. I was scared, being someone who loves being at home with their family, I couldn’t accept the fact that my mom and dad wouldn’t be just a drive away. As each day went by, the feeling of homesickness started to wash away as I fell more and more in love with Singapore. I didn’t feel like I was visiting a city, but I felt like I was living there like a true Singaporean. I felt at peace and relaxed and learned to say “yes” more, something I desperately needed to learn. I travelled alone for the first time in my life, spending my reading week solo travelling through Japan. I took some time to travel to Thailand with friends, a trip that taught me to relax and enjoy myself. Singapore came at a perfect time in my life, being the stressed worrisome person I once was, I finally felt at ease. I used to think of myself as an independent, but the 4 months I spent in Southeast Asia truly taught me how to let new people in, and also appreciate being alone with myself. I love this city and I consider it my home away from home, I know I will return one day. Who knows, I could even see myself living there…

Summer in Seattle

After 4 months of blissful relaxation and travel, I found myself on a plane to Seattle. If you subscribe to my YouTube channel, you’d know that this past summer I interned in Seattle, Washington for 12 weeks. Working at one of the largest companies in the world was the dose of reality I needed. I didn’t know you could learn and do so much in 3 months, but after my internship was over, I felt as though I aged 10 years. Moving to Seattle alone didn’t go as smoothly as my stay in Singapore. I found myself calling home on most evenings and staying in to watch Netflix instead of really embracing the city. I felt lonely and there were days where I felt too drained to get up and get myself to the office. In 2015, I had a minor mental breakdown and I could feel those emotions I felt creeping back to me. As my internship was coming to an end I realized I had a big decision to make, would I be returning to Seattle for a full-time position? And if so, do I say yes? It was the first big adult decision I was going to be making, a choice that would affect my life in a big way. I always saw myself living in Toronto after graduation, and now I had to figure out if I was going to pick up my life and start again in Seattle. I spent those last few weeks crying and calling my parents, asking them to decide for me. When the offer was extended to me I thought back to something my sister told me. She reminded me that I was only 21 years old, I have so much time to try out different career paths and figure out what I like. With that in mind, I have accepted my return offer and will be returning to Seattle this July. As nervous and scared as I am, I know that opportunities like this are rare and I need to keep pushing myself and try to be an adult.

10 years of friendship and counting

It’s nice to finally be back home and in school for my final year of university. When I think back, I feel like Singapore and Seattle never happened, it’s like I never left home. For 2018 my goals are simple and there are really only 2 big ones. First, I want to continue to say “yes” and enjoy my last year of school. I want to spend my weekends worrying less about my projects that are due and more time with my friends. Lastly, I want to spend all my free time with my family. I love my parents and sister, and now that my sister and I will be moving out this year, I need to learn to put my phone down and just embrace each moment with my family. It’s true what they say about how you’ll never know how much you really love someone until they’re gone. Being away from home for 7 months taught me how lucky I am to have parents that care about me and my future.

2018 will be busy and filled with more growing up, but I’m excited for the adventures that lie ahead. Try to enjoy each moment of this year because before you know it, it’ll be 2019 and I’ll be writing another wrap-up post. Thank you for all of you that joined me this year either by watching my videos, reading my blog posts, or both! See you all soon with another post and I’m wishing you a Happy New Year!

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